About Fundy Sound

Fundy Sound Festival, Inc. was incorporated in the Province of New Brunswick in 2015. Its mission is to advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by developing, fostering and enhancing choral traditions, experiences and educational opportunities by way of organizing and staging a non-competitive festival to be held biennially, which would establish a regional economic and cultural legacy.

The affairs of the Company is managed by an all-volunteer Board between 5-12 members elected by the Members.

 It is also a Registered Canadian Charity.

Fundy Sound’s goals are:

  • to provide an enriching developmental and educational choral event for experienced choirs of high school age and above in the unique geographic and cultural region of Saint John, New Brunswick on the shores of the Bay of Fundy
  • to create an artistic legacy for the region as a destination for choral singing building on a rich musical heritage
  • to provide a vehicle to showcase local singers, musicians and composers to our local community and the world
  • to create a signature event which will attract local, provincial, national and international participation

Fundy Sound’s Objectives are:

  • to found, develop and sustain a biennial international choral festival in Saint John, New Brunswick
  • to launch the first day of the sesquicentennial year of the founding of Canada with a Grand Finale Concert on Canada Day
  • to attract visitors from our own country and around the world to highlight our region as a tourism destination and introduce them to the unique built heritage of the city and the natural beauty of the province
  • to bring world class clinicians and singers to local audiences and singers
  • to showcase our region's musicians and composers to an international audience
  • to provide our own youth the opportunity to work with world class music directors