Frequently Asked Questions


1. When is the 2019 Fundy Sound Festival?

The dates for the festival are Wednesday, June 27- Sunday, July 1, 2019

2. Where is the festival occurring?

It is located at various venues through beautiful Saint John, New Brunswick located on the Bay of Fundy.

3. Where can I get tickets?

With the exception of the Gala Concert on July 1, 2019, all events are FREE. Tickets for the Gala Concert will be announced later. 

4. Where can I stay?

The host hotels for the Festival participants have not been identified yet. More information will be available on our accommodations page as it becomes available. 

5. How do I find out more information about Saint John?

Please contact Discover Saint John for more information including accommodations for visitors. 

6. How is the festival funded?

The Festival is only possible due to the generosity, hospitality, and volunteer spirit of hundreds of New Brunswick businesses, families, and individuals! We rely on grants, corporate sponsorship, cash contributions, sales, and the donation of in-kind goods and services in order to offset the costs of operating the Festival.

7. Which choirs will participate in Fundy Sound?

As Choirs are approved we will release the names of the accepted applicants. 

8. How can I sign up to volunteer my time to assist with the Festival?

You may complete our online volunteer application. click here

For Choirs

1. Who can participate in Fundy Sound?

A wide variety of choirs are encouraged to participate. Any choirs of high school age and above are encouraged to apply. (High School, College, University, Community, Church choirs, etc.)

We are also organizing a local Fundy Sound Chorus. If you would like to participate in our local choir, please click here for additional information. 

2. What type of music should choirs prepare to perform at the festival?

At some of the concerts, choirs may perform any music that they choose. Folk music of each choir’s respective culture is generally popular with audiences. Some choirs will be chosen to perform in the Gala Final concert. There will be at least one opportunity to perform outdoors as well as in live, resonant churches, so choirs should have music prepared that will work well in a variety of environments. All choirs will work with our guest Conductor, Z. Randall Stroope on specially selected repertoire. This list (and publishers) will be posted on the website early in late summer/early fall. Pianos (some electronic) will be available at all venues.

3. How do I apply to be a participant in the festival?

Please visit our Application page. Be sure to include background information about the choir and director. The application may be downloaded and printed for mailing or it may be submitted right from the web site. Please note that additional items are required to be submitted in order to complete the application process.

4. Are there practice rooms?

Yes, practice rooms will be available, location to be determined. When you arrive at a venue, you will also have the opportunity for a brief warm-up/sound check.

5. Does it cost to watch the performances?

The outdoor performances and the evening showcase concerts  are admission by free will offering. There will be a ticket for the Final Gala Concert. All choirs and chaperones are admitted to the Final Gala Concert free of charge.

6. Where do we put our coats?

Check with your Festival Host for such specific information.

7. When do we go on stage?

You will be directed onto the stage by the concert Marshall as soon as the choir before you has departed. Additional information will be provided to you by the Festival Coordinator upon your arrival. If you require assistance moving the piano or require other stage needs (music stands, chairs, etc.), please be sure to inform the Festival Volunteers who will be happy to help.

8. Where do we eat?

The accommodations all provide breakfast on-site. Groups will be dining together each evening entertainment supplied for your enjoyment. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to submit them using the form below. Your question may be added to the website.

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